Nocatee Resident Clubs & Interest Groups

Please see the list below for a brief description of each club. See the event calendar for meeting times and location.  If you have any questions please contact or 904-924-6858



Kind-spirited Nocatee women in their 40's/50's gather with fellow residents, neighbors and moms.

Nocatee Ballet Club


A group for boys and girls, ages 3-10, providing lessons in creative movement and ballet.

Nocatee Basketball Club


For Nocatee men over the age of 17 that enjoy playing basketball games together.

Nocatee Beer Lovers


This monthly club will focus on home brewing, beer tasting, food pairings, and making new freinds.

Nocatee Bookworms


A friendly gathering of twenty Nocatee residents who enjoy reading fiction, among other genres.

Business Professionals 


For Nocatee residents who want to elevate careers, share ideas, learn from others, and gain connections.

Coastal Pickleball


A group for residents who enjoy Pickleball - a fun and fast-paced combination of tennis, badminton and ping-pong.

Nocatee Cycling Group


An interest group open to the cyclist community, riding through Nocatee and St. Johns County.

Masters Swim Club


For Nocatee adults who are looking to enhance fitness through swimming, or are training for a triathlon.

Motorcycle Club


For Nocatee residents looking to share a love of riding and making new friends on 1-2 destination rides per month.

Real Housemoms Nocatee


A group for Nocatee moms who want to connect with neighbors over playdates with their little ones.

Nocatee Surf Club


A Nocatee resident wave rider club - open to all surfers of varying styles and abilities. 

Nocatee Soccer Club


A group for Nocatee residents 17+ who share a passion for and enjoy playing the world's most popular sport.

Teens With Dreams


A scholarship/mentorship program for girls ages 14-18 in the Nocatee Community.

Nocatee Tennis Club


Nocatee women who meet for weekly matches at Nocatee community park, or as often as 4+ women can play together.

Top Gear of Nocatee Club


For Nocatee residents who have a passion for driving and learning more about the history and advancements of the automobile industry.

Nocatee Triathlon Club


For Nocatee residents, from experienced to amateur, who are interested in training for a triathlon.

Nocatee Polo Bears


This is a recreational, fun club for kids to join to learn water polo skills and pick up games.

Women's Book Club


Nocatee women who meet monthly to read mostly literary and historical fiction and enjoy discussion.

Yoshin Dojo Ju-Jutsu


Instructing Nocatee residents in the traditional Japanese art of self-defense called Ju-Jutsu.